James Chow for Ward 23

Improve. Make it work.

Election Result

Hello all: I have just congratulated Cynthia Lai, Councillor elected for Ward 23. I trust that she will be a successful Councillor for all residents of Scarborough North.

I like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Corina, without her assistance, this campaign of mine will never get off ground. I like to thank my sons, Caine & Ian; daughter-in-law, YueDan; and other family members, friends, supporters, donors & volunteers. Without their help, this campaign would be much more challenging.

I’m sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our Ward. And I know how disappointed you feel because I feel it too. But I want you to remember this. Our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the City we love.

Now — let me add, democracy demands our participation, not just every four years but all the time. So let’s do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear; 1) Make Our Ward Better, 2) Make Infrastructure Functional, 3) Make Transit Move and 4) Make the Process Work.

Improve. Make it Work.