James Chow for Ward 23

Improve. Make it work.

Get Involved

First of all, I would like to thank my volunteers who make this website possible. Please join our team.

Volunteering helps to support worthwhile causes; improve the community, set your future goals, find friends and increase networking job experiences.

Volunteering in an election period can have many benefits and it does not need to be a long term commitment, for example, the building of team work, the development of planning, and communication skills, to name a few.

With our busy lives, sometimes it is hard to find time to get involved physically. But that does not limit your involvement. You can convey and inform people about James’ campaign platform, including but not limited to:

• Forward this website to your friends and have them pass it along to others
• Help by word of mouth


Let’s improve. Make it work.

Areas of Interest (check any that apply):

Thank you for joining James Chow’s campaign. We will contact you soon.