James Chow for Ward 23

Improve. Make it work.


Make Our Ward Better

We have a large population of seniors and young families with children. Our services should be focusing on the needs of our residents. I will

• engage and empower neighborhood participation, ensure public resources are serviceable;
• put forward a motion to restrict the use of drugs including marijuana in our public areas;
• help create favorable conditions to stimulate growth and cultivate any low or non-performing city assets;
• support safe, healthy environment and improve housing availability.

Make Infrastructure Functional

As the largest metropolitan city in Canada, with a continuously growing population, we need to vision our city’s development into the future and make provisions for expansion.

Better road conditions, speedy road constructions, efficient traffic light timing, improved logistic strategies, all these can ease traffic congestion, shorten the time wasted on idling, better use of gasoline consumption and reduce air pollution.

I will have the city’s infrastructure evaluated, and logistics improved, to support our present and future needs, to create a healthier place to live.

Make Transit Move

An efficient and effective public transit system is key to transforming communities. A quick two way access subway line between downtown and Scarborough is much needed.

I will propose a loop to connect line 4 and the future Scarborough Centre subway station. The Scarborough subway line needs to be extended from Scarborough Town Center to Sheppard Ave and McCowan. So more people will use the expanding transit system rather than cars.

Make the Process Work

Integrity is the cornerstone of governance. I will invest in effective, efficient public services; ensure the process of procuring public contracts are transparent; city by-laws are applied fairly; and if any changes of salary of elected representatives, it should be recommended by an impartial third party.