James Chow for Ward 23

Improve. Make it work.

Waste Reduction and Efficiency

Summary of Campaign Thoughts where Waste Reduction and Efficiency meet.

Hello: Dear neighbors and friends of Scarborough North; Ward 23.

At the blink of my eyes, 46 years went by since I came to Toronto. Toronto was a peaceful and safe city. I didn’t have to lock my door at night. People took newspaper from the unlocked newspaper stand. Paying was by honour and everyone did. After getting married, it took me and my wonderful wife 25 years, working two full time jobs in alternating shifts to pay off the mortgage and raised two sons, whom I am proud of.

Now things have changed. Yes, but unfortunately, not for the better.

As reported by CBC news in June, 2016 that “Provinces and cities racking up debt at unsustainable rate:” (https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/pbo-debt-provinces-cities-subnational-1.3656027)

Back in June this year, it was reported Toronto is the # 1 worst city for commuting in North America and #6 in the world. We got promoted! (https://globalnews.ca/news/4287922/toronto-worst-city-commuting-north-america/)

Violence, so far, more people have been killed by guns this year in Toronto than at the same point in 2017. (https://globalnews.ca/news/4352467/danforth-shooting-gun-death-rate-toronto/)

After published my platform, web site (www.jameschow.ca) in June, I started my neighborhood walk. After campaigning for more than 4 months now, here is the summary of my thoughts.

First, let’s look at some parameters.

A Statcan pdf (https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/11f0019m/2013347/t001-eng.htm) reported between 2001 to 2011 the real median hourly wages in 2010 dollars increased by 3.5% for men and 9.3% for women, while the operation spending per capita was increased by 17 %. (https://www.cfib-fcei.ca/sites/default/files/article/documents/rr3329_0.pdf)

As these figures indicated, our wage increase will never catch up to government spending.

So, tax increase is a no no. Then, what are our alternatives to make things work? Here, I like to share with you some subject matters of my platform. It was discussed with many of you, person to person.

Make Our Ward Better

Quality of service, we need to use a service focus approach, create a quality of service index and invest in leadership. Establish service evaluation standards.

Focus on Core Services – Municipalities, we should not try to do everything, but rather identify core services that are not being duplicated. Ensure these services are effective and accountable. Thereby creating job opportunities for private sectors and creating favorable conditions to stimulate growth.

We need to find and to cultivate any low or non-performing city assets to get better value of our tax dollars.

We have a large population of seniors and young families with children. Our services should be focusing on the needs of our residents. I will engage residents’ participation and communication through open door policy, traditional communication and high tech methodologies. Break barriers. Ensure public resources are serviceable and able to provide a safe, healthy environment. I will work on options to improve housing availability. Increase supply and income, increase availability. We need team work. After all, it is our community.

Improve Transportation and Infrastructure

An efficient system will create prosperity and growth. Smooth flow of individual parts within, is essential to minimize congestions and reduce travel time, in turn, pollution. If not, congestion will cost us by the billions. (http://www.metrolinx.com/en/regionalplanning/costsofcongestion/costs_congestion.aspx). This calls for logistic, foresight, commitment and at times thinking out of the box.

The primary purpose of transportation is to serve people, taking travelers from one place to another in the most optimal effectiveness, a no brainer in any modern city. The transportation system could be an integration of different networks or modes of travelling, including safe, effective implementation of bike lanes.

In addition to the Rapid Transit to Malvern Town Center. The Scarborough subway extension must extend to McCowan & Sheppard. Then futuristically; runs West to join line-4 at Don Mill station, North up to McCowan & Steeles and East to the city boundary. This flow loop will strengthening and support the residents of Scarborough in terms of prosperity and enjoyment of the neighborhood. In turn, the whole city of Toronto will benefit.

Upholding Integrity in the Public Service

Well, last but not the least. Integrity is the cornerstone of governance. I would like to uphold the integrity of public service by ensuring the process of procuring public contracts are transparent, fair, properly managed and accountable with established guidelines to get the most value of our investment.

This election is about improvement. This election is also about choices. The choice is in your hands, our hands. Collectively, in this election we need to choose Councillors to improve the well-being of our vibrant city.

My goal is to make this Ward and City a beautiful place where we all want to live, to work and to do business in.

It is an honour to have this opportunity in speaking with you. Together, let’s Improve. Make it Work.

Thank you for your support.